Band of Brothers (Ham Edition [a.k.a. "The A-team"])

A Royal Pardon

Jail is no fun.

Sa’relka  sees a royal convoy and hides away among the crowd after being noticed. He follows the convoy towards the jail. In the jail, Spewgore is taken alone to another room by a simpleton goliath key master named Hamfred. He is led to a back office and meets Lord Gramafex, brother to the King, and also the warden, Garlan. Gramafex proposes a deal to Spewgore that a false trial and execution will be held to fake the death of the Groupe, who has been charged with smuggling. Spewgore considers but explains that he needs to speak with his teammates. Roland is led in by Hamfred and begins his usual spree of shenanigans. Gramafex requests that they partake a certain mission in the King’s name to roust a bandit group that has stolen the water of a nearby trio of lakes and led by a crafty bugbear named Helgore Grimtooth. The two accept and are led out of the building through a back exit. 
The two walk down a shady alley which ends at a shabby fence. Roland  barrels through the fence into the crowded streets. People run in terror from the madman shouting insults. Sa’relka notices the two making a loud commotion. Roland and Spewgore follow the directions of Garlan to a nearby scummy tavern. Roland takes a close seat next to the least questionable dame in the bar while Spewgore orders a drink. Sa’relka surprises Spwegore by sitting next to him casually and ordering a drink. The trio talks about the mission and make their way out of town. They are spotted by a merchant who leads them out of town by carriage and then give them horses to travel faster to the town of Wheyko. There they meet up with thier contact, a nobleman named Neero. Neero tells them to search a local area where the most recent lake has disappeared. There the trio finds some recent tracks that lead away from the lake. They follow them into a drought resistant wooded area and come to a cave. The trio is attacked by a ogre who stood guard at the cave entrance but he quickly falls. As they enter the cave they can hear the cackle of laughter. Going deeper they are attacked by a couple orcs accompanied by several knoll warriors. 
Once the trio dispatches the knolls and orcs they continue on till they reach a T-section in the tunnels. To the left they can hear voices. They head left with Roland taking point. Roland sees an opening up ahead and marches boldly into the room, only to be greeted by a group of goblins and orcs…



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