Band of Brothers (Ham Edition [a.k.a. "The A-team"])

Homeward bound... A-team style!

Odd purple clouds...

So Roland, Sa’relka, Spewgore, Goonmelt, Bumwine, and Blood-harvest set sail upon the ship Lord Krockett hired to take them back to the Lone Star Kingdom. The trio meets with the captain, called Greybeard, as well as Krockett and his bodyguard, Purelle. They talk about the voyage and are happy with the steady winds. Once farther out at sea, a spotter calls out about some strange clouds on the horizon. The wind suddenly takes them closer. The clouds are purple and are emiting thunder from within. Sudddenly they see a figure drop from within the clouds and plummet into the water. Some men from the crew fish the figure out, as it turns out the figure was a ln org man named Go’brahl who was transported from is home by the cloud portal. The clouds then begin to dissapate,leaving a blue sky and steady winds once more. As the crew.listens to the tale to Go’brahl, dusk begins to creep upon them.
Before night falls a ship is spotted on the horizon heading straight towards them.they wait for the ship to draw near before they make a move. The other ship lowers its sails and creeps towards Greybeards ship. The other ship is damaged in places. A man from her deck calls out to the crew of Greybeard. Greybeard calls back and allows the man inboard when he requests parlay. The man tells the crew that he was attacked by pirates and that they should travel together for safety. Sa’relka notices strange activity on the other ship and when the man is asked about his captain he only diverts the question and says his captain is wounded and he is the first mate. The trio notice some alarming tattoos on the man of a flame surrounding a bloody chain link. Roland reaches out and grabs the man by the neck to the surprise of Krockett and Greybeard. Sa’relka sees armed men appear on the other ships deck and he launches an arrow off into a man on their deck. Roland drags the man by his neck and tosses him overboard.
The other ship raises sail as one of their men is tossed in the waters. Greybeard shouts for all men on deck. The enemy ship heads straight for a crash course into the side of Greybeard’s ship. Sa’relka launches several more arrows before they collide, taking down several of the men huddled on that ship. All of Greybeard’s crew come rushing top deck and prepare for battle. The ships collide and some of the men are thrown to the ground. The pirates on the other ship come pouring from their ship onto the deck of Greybeard’s ship. A great battle ensues. Roland goes on a spree of neck breaking, Spewgore directs actions and spears folks, Sa’relka takes out many with his bowm as usual. Blood-Harvest gets in on the action after shaking off his severe seasickness, Go’brahl charges in beserker-style and hacks at men with is formidable halberd skills, Purelle rushes in after his employer rushes to saftey below deck and he shows off his superior swordsmanship mixed with arcane twists. Greybeard get into the action, showing his age has only made him better with a sword. A sniper from the crow’s nest rains arrows down upon the pirates from above. In the end, the battle is won. Even the man Roland threw overboard came creeping back into the fray and made an attempt at Roland but was shot down by Sa’relka. Several of Greybeard’s men perished but the ratio was much greater for the pirates. Sa’relka killed the last man on deck, much to the dismay of Purelle and Go’brahl who wanted to interrogate the man. The Groupe quickly assessed the aftermath as Greybeard assessed his losses. They notice the only things of great value are the cannons equipped to the deck, so they take a short rest and bandage their wounds…



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