Band of Brothers (Ham Edition [a.k.a. "The A-team"])

The Dark Lord...err, Cloud.

I know these guys?

The groupe delve further into the cave and come upon a fork. Sharpclaw ask the groupe to choose which way to go and they pick the right path. Sharpclaw takes his hunters left and they split up. Roland, Sa’relka, Spewgore, and Blood-harvest see a chamber open up down the hall and there they see Thri-kreen slaves being led off. A beast of a man is shouting and whipping the slaves. The four rush the man and swiftly kill him. They also notice a elf man chained to the wall who calls himself Goonmelt. They break his bonds and release him. As they all search the room they find a janky locker and force it open to uncover Goonmelt’s equipment. They all continue on and come to a large chamber with several altars, all of which are manned by a two cultists, one priest sacrificer and an acolyte, actively sacrificing Thri-kreen slaves. Sa’relka spots a man with a horned helm shout for the priests to continue thier sacrificial efforts. The man is guarded by two heavily armed men and seems to be followed by a goblin man as well. Suddenly Sharpclaw and his hunters charge in and attack the priests, Blood-harvest also charges in to save his kin. The trio rushes in with help from Goonmelt. The horned cultist rushes away followed by his two guards but the goblin stays behind and attacks the cultists. As the battle ends Sharpclaw tells the Groupe to continue on and take out the leader while his band leads the slaves outside. The groupe followed by Goonmelt and the goblin Bumwine rush further in to confront the cultist leader, Lord Harrissterr “The Dark Cloud”. They meet the man who declares that he has the power of the Azca death god on his side. His guards rush forth as he attacks with magic. After an arrow strikes him, Lord Harrissterr rushes in to attack the groupe but they all focus upon him and soon kill him. They then confront his remaining two guards and make do with them. Afterwards they loot thier bodies and begin to head out of the volcano temple. They notice that many of Sharpclaw’s men have ransacked the interior of the caves. As they exit, Sharpclaw greets them and thanks then for their assistance and offeres to return with the to Bug City. The Groupe heads off back towards Bug City…



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