Band of Brothers (Ham Edition [a.k.a. "The A-team"])

The Worst is Over.

More wine!

The Groupe makes their way back towards Bug City. Once there they are humbly welcomed and are offered another heroes feast. The Speaker pulls trio aside and tells them that he was afraid they weren’t going to come back. He also tells them that there is a foreigner that was searching form their party and is waiting at Silver-Hand’s establishment. The trio heads towards Silver-Hand’s and are led to a back room and meet a dapperly dwarf man named Lord Krockett, and his bodyguard, a human sellsword. Lord Krockett addresses them by name and tells him that his agents were the ones who contracted them to hunt down Lord Harrissterr. He also declares that he is an Agent for the Lone Star Kingdom. He tells the trio to enjoy themselves in their feast and says that he will take the to the King the next day on a ship he employed. The trio depart and celebrate, especially Sa’relka and Blood-Harvest. Roland splits from the feast and heads towards the docks and boards the ship that Krockett employed after speaking with him about his appearance. Sa’relka and Spewgore notice that Blood-Harvest and the Speaker have disappeared from the feast. They keep on partying though through the night. The two realize Roland is gone as well and head towards the Port where they notice a commotion coming from a nearby alley. When they both turn to investigate they see a drunken Blood-Harvest surrounded by a few angry thri-kreen. They shout they want revenge and attack Blood-Harvest. Sa’relka and Spewgore rush in to aid. Roland meanwhile gets a strange feeling and heads off the docks. He notices the sounds of battle nearby and rushes towards. He finds his allies deep in battle as more thri-kreen rush in. Afterwards they are confronted by the Speaker and his guards. The Speaker tells the trio that he will not take Bllood-Harvest back into the colony and tells the trio that they either take him with them or he will execute him when they depart. They decide to take him and the Speaker wishes them luck and declares that the doors of the Colony are always open. They depart and head towards the docks…



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