Exiled Thri-kreen Hunter/Warrior


Blood-harvest is a very large, thick bodied Thri-kreen known for his ruthlessness towards his enemies.


He was a originally a hunter working for the Colony but because he over zealously killed his prey the Speaker and his peers decided he would better suit as a soldier. Although being moved to a better fitting position, his brutality only escalated more and he began to acquire many enemies within and outside Bug City so the Speaker banished him from the Colony. For several years Blood-Harvest roamed the jungles of the region living a solitary life. When Lord Harrissterr and his cultus followers invaded Blood-harves was captured by a band of humans, he killed many in the struggle but was ultimately subdued and taken to a nearby cave where he was chained in close confinements with fellow bugfolk, he was beaten, tortured, and forced to witness gruesome atrocities performed by the humans. He was eventually released by the trio and helped then dispatch of a cultist group and free some Thri-kreen captives. After that he then pledged his life to the trio.


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