Captain Greybeard

Captain of a Ship


Captain Greybeard is a gruff and old seaman. He has short white hair that hides Under hid captains hat and he has a big trimed grey beard. He wears several badges of rank on his surcoat and fights with an officers cutlass. He is a brave man and a good captain.


Captain Udyr “Greybeard” Wulfgan is the captain of a trading vessel that was hired to bring Lord Krockett from Gulfsport to Bug City. He has told the trio that he once served in the navy when he was younger and has hunted pirates. He helps them find and defeat the Pirate Queen’s band of men. Greybeard was born and raised in the city of Gulfsport. He was born to immigrant parents fleeing the mountain clans of the * Mountains. His father worked on a fishing boat and Udyr was taught to be a sailor in his adolescence. He joined the blossoming navy of the Lone Star Kindgom when he came of age, against the wishes of his parents. He soon became an officer and made a career out of the Navy until he was honorably discharged. He bought a ship and is now a trader/cargo transporteer.

Captain Greybeard

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