Orc barbarian from another dimension!


Go’brahl is a short, but stocky Orc man who rocks a fearsome halberd made of primitive pig iron crafted in his village. Being of barbaric roots, Go’brahl does not wear any armor, preferring his own bodily sacrifice for protection. He has a row of poorly kempt fangs that jut out from his lower jaw, long greasy orc hair, and his dark skin only adds to his visual fearsomeness. He also likes to drink booze.


Go’brahl is an Orc warrior from a small tribe of orcs living upon the Isle of Odd Things. He is a strong and noble Orc warrior and fought valiantly when a regiment of dark soldiers commanded by magical teleporting vampires invaded his island and assaulted his home village. During the battle he fell into a swirling purple portal and was sucked into another plane of existence. He was then hurled through this plane, for how long and how far, he did not know. But he was soon abruptly spat out in the middle of the ocean where he was fortunately pulled from the waters by the Groupe. He allied himself with them, joining the groupe in hopes that he might find some clues to return to his home once again.


Band of Brothers (Ham Edition [a.k.a. "The A-team"]) Daloach