Whimpy Adolescent Thri-kreen


Gog-lick is an adventurous and soft spoken bugchild. He doesn’t use weapons or armor, but he usually carries around an adventures bag that contains travelling gear and some reading books. He is short, skinny, and his shell is a light green.


Gog-lick is a small Thri-kreen adolescent who served as a guide to the Trio. He also acted as a translator as well for he is fluent in several languages, including common speech, from which he learned growing up in the port district of Bug City and spending his time with Silver-hands. He knows many of the lesser known paths and is on good terms with inhabitants from some of the local villages in the local jungles. He is particularly fond of Sa’relka and looks to him as a hero, on the other hand he dislikes Roland because of his bullying.


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