Lord Harrissterr

Lord Ennon Harrissterr- "The Dark Cloud"


A middle aged human nobleman. He is in quite good shape for his age and has a crazy, ominous look in his eye. He speaks loudly and quickly. He wears a helmet covered in the teeth of various beasts. He is an adept warlock.


Lord Harrissterr was the only child of a failing noble family. He inherited his family’s estate after the death of his parents at a young age. Filled with wroth he turned to books, eventually fining a book with dark magic. He quickly became obsessed with the occult mages and their dark arts. He recruited many poor peoples to join his new cult and used his estate to practice his sacrifices and rituals. He was brandished a criminal by the Law of the Lone Star. He took his last fortune and his followers and headed south in search of the Lost Temples of the Azca.

Lord Harrissterr

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