Roland Olivier

Team whrastlherr. Buff, oily, muscles...


Roland is a large human man that stands over six feet tall and is built with the arms and legs of a muscular ox. He has a deep voice and a cold attitude towards most people. Roland usually intimidates and/or ruffs people up with his immense strength to get what he wants, on the other hand he can show great restraint when he needs to in certain situations. Where Roland goes, and what Roland does, usually dictates what the Groupe does.
During battle Roland usually charges headlong into the fight and engages his enemies with his fists, his proven tactic of grabbing hold of enemies and holding them immobilized while his allies attack is his favorite way to dispatch his foes. This tactic is simple, yet extremely effective, especially with single enemy combat situations.


Roland Olivier is a man of many traits:

Is mysterious.
Looks Dangerous..
Very Strong…
Has cool catchphrases….
…and loves choking people the Fuck Out!!!

Roland is definitely a man with a mysterious past. He has been known to once cross paths with the Heroes of the Freshwater Coast, but he must have met up with Sa’relka and Spewgore after being hired by the Agents of the King of the Lone Star Kingdom to find and stop the cultist leader Lord Harrissterr. And he must have bonded quickly with the two.
Once the trio found themselves mysteriously in the hands of the inhabitants of Bug City and forced to fight for their lives in a scary old coliseum, Roland became somewhat of a leader to the three survivors.

Roland Olivier

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