Thri-kreen ranger. Team heavy striker/boss killer.


Sa’relka is very tall, standing well above average height and he wields an equally larger-than-average greatbow. He has four powerful arms that he uses as an occasional weapon when it suits him, favoring his claws over his gythka spear which was a token of his capture in the Bug City.
Sa’relka is a proud and noble specimen of his race and is probably the most level-headed of the Groupe, his actions are usually well thought out and weighed tactically. This ability makes him a skilled fighter, and a master of raining hell upon the battlefield. His skill and deadliness with his bow is a feat to be witness for it is spoken of only in rumors. He usually stays towards the back of the fighting and uses this skill from a distance, closing in only to deliver a finishing blow or rescue packmates.
Being a ranger, he is skilled at tracking and hunting, this helps the groupe in many situations. His loyalty to his friends is very high, and being a thri-kreen makes him very instinctual against threats against his packmates.


Sa’relka is a Thri-kreen ranger warrior. He has a mysterious past but what is know is that he and Spewgore have traveled a long time together and are close adventuring partners. Sa’relka is known to have traveled to the Amarathi continent after escaping a Goblin Prison Compound in the Nation of Ghulagia.


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