Spewgore (a.k.a. Spewderred)

Wildcard. Team Tactician Drunken Medic and Stand-in Dragonborn Diplomat.


Spewgore is a small, scrawny, dragonborn man, with a big heart.

Spewgore is shorter and smaller than Roland and Sa’relka, and doesn’t weigh much after that, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in measure. And by that I mean he is the Rock to the Groupe’s Lobster. He uses other means to equal the physical prowess of his counterparts. Spewgore is a dragonman of tactics and grace, he prefers to steer away from the center of conflicts and gives helpful advice and directions during hostile situations. He gives inspiring words to carry you along in times of peril. He carries a spear to strike at foes from out of reach. He strikes when the moment is right, and tells his friends to do so when it isn’t. And he knows when to enjoy himself.
Out of battle Spewgore is quiet, curious, and confident. He isn’t afraid to drink strange cocktails or partake in strange rituals, or talk his way out of precarious interactions with people. He usually waits to engage with people, chaotically and systematically calculating his options. But when he needed you can trust he will be a worthy ally.


Spewgore has been known to travel with Sa’relka in the past, most notably in the prisons of the Goblin Kingdom. He traveled with his friend to the Amarathi continent and met Roland Olivier upon his mission to track down the cultist leader in the south.

Spewgore (a.k.a. Spewderred)

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