Band of Brothers (Ham Edition [a.k.a. "The A-team"])

The Veil iz lifted
And so it begins...

1st Game: The Veil is Lifted.

Sa’relka, Spewgore, and Roland fight thier way out of a coliseum situation. They are introduced in a city of Thro/Thri-kreen. After they defeat some humans and a Thri-kreen wildling they are brought to “The Speaker”- the leader of this great hive of bugmen. The Speaker tells the groupe that there has been a band of cultists pestering the the Hive. The goal of this cult is to resurrect the old gods of the Azca Empire- whom the Thri-kreen have inhabited thier capitols ancient ruins. The Speaker tells the groupe that if they help with the cultist they are free to go. He asks them to investigate an old Azca temple ruin that he has sent bugmen to, but have not returned. He gives the groupe some seals of protection. The groupe is led to the ruins by Gog-lick thier guide and translater. There they encounter cultists and defeat a group of them and a Cultist sacrificing Thri-kreen captives in an attempt to open a magical seal. after defeating the cultists and rescuing the Thri-kreen captives they take one of the captives named Blood-Harvest into thier party. One of the captives points over to a crack in the wall that turns out to unveil a hidden door into a side chamber used as a private quarter to the cultist sorcerer. Inside they find a few rewards, mainly an ancient Azca Tome filled with strange images and symbols.

After Party Sewer Dive...

The groupe returns home to find the Seeker and a ton of other Kreenfolk waiting at the western gate. The Speaker condemns Blood Harvest, but the rescues Kreen convince the Speaker that he helped save them. The Speaker allows Blood Harvest into the city under the condition that he be watched by the groupe. The city declares the groupe ‘Heroes of the Day’ for saving their Kreen kin, and a city-wide party commences. Spewgore returns to meet the Speaker but is shunned because he has nothing of importance to the Speaker’s cause. Roland and Spewgore endure the festivities with unease as Sa’Relka and Blood-Harvest enjoy the fruits of their labors. Roland and Spewgore make their way back to the Crusty Lobster as the main festival is hosted in the center plaza. Sa’Relka is attacked by several of Blood-Harvest’s old rivals and Roland and Spewgore later intervene. After dispatching the hostile Thri-Kreen they make their way to the festival. Roland gives the Speaker the Book of the Azca, and the Speaker leaves to investigate the contents of the book. There the groupe parties the night out, especially Sa’relka and Blood-Harvest. In the morning the Speaker summons the groupe and tells them that the next seal is located underneath the city in the sewers underneath the port district. The groupe is lead to the tavern of Silver-Hands, a local thri-kreen tradesman. There they find the entrance to the next temple in his tavern’s basement. As they head into the temple in the sewers they are attacked by a group of oversized rats, rats who bleed blood resembling mercury. Dispatching the rats the groupe continues further to find a chute of water running rapidly before them. As Roland approaches the canal a great bearded snake leaps out of the water and attacks him, but he latched onto the beast and wrestles him out of the water where Spewgore directs Sa’relka’s multitude of attacks against the snake. The groupe makes easy work of the great, peculiar creature, this one also bleeding out a mysterious blood resembling mercury…

The Mad Alchemist's Lab
What's that smell?

The groupe cross the rushing waters and explore more of the sewers. They travel down a tunnelway that ends in a dark corner with a decomposing thri-kreen body laying upon the walkway. They find a few gold pieces in his pockets but also notice two bite marks in his neck. As the groupe continue further into the temple they come to an empty chute of the sewer system that is covered in spider webs. As the group cautiously enters they are attacked by several large spiders that bare their fangs dripping mercury at them. When Sa’relka kills one of the spiders it lets out a screech as it dies and a very large spider queen enters from the other side of the room. As Roland rushes at the vicious looking creature it teleports out of the way and attack Sa’relka. The smaller spiders begin teleporting around the room and attacking. Spewgore kills a spider giving Sa’relka an escape route for Sa’relka who bounds over the empty chute and begins firing at the queen from across the room. Roland dispatches a spider in his rush to attack the queen. Roland goes toes with the queen with help from Sa’relka as Spewgore dispatches the rest to of the spiders. When the queen is finally killed the groupe recuperates and walk into the nest of the spiders. They see a few eggsacks which they promptly cut open, killing anything living inside. They continue deeper and as the tunnel curves around a bend they see a light at the end of the tunnel and begin to pick up strange chemically-enhanced smells. When they approach the light they find a secret laboratory filled with tables, tools, books, flasks of unknown contents including the mercury, and a strange man dissecting a rat carcass. Also in the center of the room is another of the magical seals. As the group approaches the man notices them and begins speaking to them about his experiments, and asks them if they liked his rat, snake, and spider creations. He goes on to say that with the support of the cultist leader he has been conducting his experiments in this temple in exchange for opening the magic seal, which he has already done. He then tells them he has perfected the recipe for a potion that will transform his body into a rat, and soon he will have the recipe for one that will give him the strength of a thri-kreen. After that he drains a bottle of his potion and his body begins to change into a wererat, his body gets furry more muscular, his face grows a large snarling snout, and a tail appears, and his feet grow out claws. As his transformation is complete he tells the groupe that their time to die is now, but Roland immediately charges him and begins attacking him…

To the Windy Crevice

The trio dispatches the crazed scientist. As they get the scoop on the details they realize that their attempts to secure this seal has proven pointless and decide to return to The Speaker. The groupe heads out of the temple in the sewers only to have a lone hunting spider to drop on Sa’relka, who was walking at the end of the groupe. They all kill the spider and continue on. Above they make thier way back to see The Speaker in one of his offices. There he reveals that they have discovered the whereabouts to another temple. His scribes and his navigators targeted the temple to the east along the coastal cliffs. The Speaker asks the trio to investigate the eastern temple.
The groupe is then led by Gog-lick to a village in the jungles to the east near the coast. After they traverse through thick jungles they come upon the village, which has been recently ransacked and pillaged. After searching the area they find tracks leading away from the village to the northwest. Deciding that the tracks divert from the direction of their quest, the groupe continues eastwards towards the coast. As they come upon the coast they find a mountain trail that runs along the cliffs that line the eastern cost. The groupe is forced to trek off the path to reach the entrance to the temple. When they reach the temple they find a familiar building representing a skull with teeth as the door. Gog-lick refuses to enter and commits to staying behind. This aggravates Roland who springs forward and forces Gog-lick forward, and then marches towards the temple.
The groupe is able to find a way into the temple and they promptly delve in. They are led to a long stretching hallway, which has been carved into the cliffside, with open windows lining the length of the hallway, that each face out to the sea. They continue on to the end of the hallway which has a staircase that leads to a large open stone platform that is adorned with several statues of human warriors, a sacrificial table, a dais with a crystal, and a large stone door with a open eye looking eastward. The platform is bordered with two stone pinnacles that make a “V”. As the groupe begin to investigate the platform the moon above begins to creep towards the center of the platform and the crystal upon the dais begins to glow. Roland correct the crystal to face the eye. And as the moon hits the center, the crystal glows brightly and a beam shoots into the eye, and the door begins to open.
Roland, Spewgore, and Sa’relka enter the chamber behind the door, leaving Blood-Harvest and Gog-lick outside. As the door opens the room is illuminated by several crystals lining the walls. Inside the brightly lit room the trio sees a seal upon the ground that doesn’t appear to be tampered with for many years. The light also unveils a mural painted upon the wall that depicts the system of magical seals. West is a temple represented with a cave, East is represented by wind blowing against a cliff, South is shown to flowing through water underneath the city, and north is painted with the image of a volcano towering above a skull closed in a circle. The trio note the mural and begin pilfering the crystals which diminishes the light. As they do so Blood-Harvest shouts out and calls for help. When the trio exits the room they see skeletal remains break out of the statues and ghostly warriors begin attacking the groupe. The warriors souls drift off as their mortal remains are crushed. Gog-lick urges the groupe to make an escape following the battle.
As the groupe head towards the cliffside hallway they start to see bones coalescing into one large bone skeleton which charges towards our heroes. The groupe becomes surrounded by a flood of skeletons and are left to fend off the skeletal marauders…

Towards the Volcano?

The groupe manage to push pass the spirits guarding the wind temple and make thier way outside. There they are surrounded by a Thri-kreen hunting party. Gog-lick claims he knows the hunters and helps the Groupe in gaining their trust. The hunters are lead by a Thri-kreen named Sharpclaw. Sharpclaw tells them that his village was attacked by humans while they we’re hunting. They tell the groupe that they know the location of the base for the humans which is located in a faraway volcano. The groupe then decide to head straight for the volcano and confront the cultists head on. The groupe is forced to travel through thick jungle terrain and at one point Spewgore convinces Roland to carry him through the jungle by hand. As they traverse many miles led by Sharpclaw’s party they reach a volcano. They scale around the volcano and find human cultists performing tasks at a stone mouth entrance. The groupe sneaks up on the unsuspecting humans and ambush them. They soon eliminate the cultists with help from Sharpclaw’s hunters hiding in the woods. After dispatching the cultists they gather together and proceed into the volcano’s inner workings. They creep to a circular room that is filled with a line of cultists wielding bows. Though the groupe and friends are shrouded by the darkness of the tunnels and they surprise attack the cultists, killing them all almost simultaneously. The groupe then heads further into the caves…

The Dark Lord...err, Cloud.
I know these guys?

The groupe delve further into the cave and come upon a fork. Sharpclaw ask the groupe to choose which way to go and they pick the right path. Sharpclaw takes his hunters left and they split up. Roland, Sa’relka, Spewgore, and Blood-harvest see a chamber open up down the hall and there they see Thri-kreen slaves being led off. A beast of a man is shouting and whipping the slaves. The four rush the man and swiftly kill him. They also notice a elf man chained to the wall who calls himself Goonmelt. They break his bonds and release him. As they all search the room they find a janky locker and force it open to uncover Goonmelt’s equipment. They all continue on and come to a large chamber with several altars, all of which are manned by a two cultists, one priest sacrificer and an acolyte, actively sacrificing Thri-kreen slaves. Sa’relka spots a man with a horned helm shout for the priests to continue thier sacrificial efforts. The man is guarded by two heavily armed men and seems to be followed by a goblin man as well. Suddenly Sharpclaw and his hunters charge in and attack the priests, Blood-harvest also charges in to save his kin. The trio rushes in with help from Goonmelt. The horned cultist rushes away followed by his two guards but the goblin stays behind and attacks the cultists. As the battle ends Sharpclaw tells the Groupe to continue on and take out the leader while his band leads the slaves outside. The groupe followed by Goonmelt and the goblin Bumwine rush further in to confront the cultist leader, Lord Harrissterr “The Dark Cloud”. They meet the man who declares that he has the power of the Azca death god on his side. His guards rush forth as he attacks with magic. After an arrow strikes him, Lord Harrissterr rushes in to attack the groupe but they all focus upon him and soon kill him. They then confront his remaining two guards and make do with them. Afterwards they loot thier bodies and begin to head out of the volcano temple. They notice that many of Sharpclaw’s men have ransacked the interior of the caves. As they exit, Sharpclaw greets them and thanks then for their assistance and offeres to return with the to Bug City. The Groupe heads off back towards Bug City…

The Worst is Over.
More wine!

The Groupe makes their way back towards Bug City. Once there they are humbly welcomed and are offered another heroes feast. The Speaker pulls trio aside and tells them that he was afraid they weren’t going to come back. He also tells them that there is a foreigner that was searching form their party and is waiting at Silver-Hand’s establishment. The trio heads towards Silver-Hand’s and are led to a back room and meet a dapperly dwarf man named Lord Krockett, and his bodyguard, a human sellsword. Lord Krockett addresses them by name and tells him that his agents were the ones who contracted them to hunt down Lord Harrissterr. He also declares that he is an Agent for the Lone Star Kingdom. He tells the trio to enjoy themselves in their feast and says that he will take the to the King the next day on a ship he employed. The trio depart and celebrate, especially Sa’relka and Blood-Harvest. Roland splits from the feast and heads towards the docks and boards the ship that Krockett employed after speaking with him about his appearance. Sa’relka and Spewgore notice that Blood-Harvest and the Speaker have disappeared from the feast. They keep on partying though through the night. The two realize Roland is gone as well and head towards the Port where they notice a commotion coming from a nearby alley. When they both turn to investigate they see a drunken Blood-Harvest surrounded by a few angry thri-kreen. They shout they want revenge and attack Blood-Harvest. Sa’relka and Spewgore rush in to aid. Roland meanwhile gets a strange feeling and heads off the docks. He notices the sounds of battle nearby and rushes towards. He finds his allies deep in battle as more thri-kreen rush in. Afterwards they are confronted by the Speaker and his guards. The Speaker tells the trio that he will not take Bllood-Harvest back into the colony and tells the trio that they either take him with them or he will execute him when they depart. They decide to take him and the Speaker wishes them luck and declares that the doors of the Colony are always open. They depart and head towards the docks…

Homeward bound... A-team style!
Odd purple clouds...

So Roland, Sa’relka, Spewgore, Goonmelt, Bumwine, and Blood-harvest set sail upon the ship Lord Krockett hired to take them back to the Lone Star Kingdom. The trio meets with the captain, called Greybeard, as well as Krockett and his bodyguard, Purelle. They talk about the voyage and are happy with the steady winds. Once farther out at sea, a spotter calls out about some strange clouds on the horizon. The wind suddenly takes them closer. The clouds are purple and are emiting thunder from within. Sudddenly they see a figure drop from within the clouds and plummet into the water. Some men from the crew fish the figure out, as it turns out the figure was a ln org man named Go’brahl who was transported from is home by the cloud portal. The clouds then begin to dissapate,leaving a blue sky and steady winds once more. As the crew.listens to the tale to Go’brahl, dusk begins to creep upon them.
Before night falls a ship is spotted on the horizon heading straight towards them.they wait for the ship to draw near before they make a move. The other ship lowers its sails and creeps towards Greybeards ship. The other ship is damaged in places. A man from her deck calls out to the crew of Greybeard. Greybeard calls back and allows the man inboard when he requests parlay. The man tells the crew that he was attacked by pirates and that they should travel together for safety. Sa’relka notices strange activity on the other ship and when the man is asked about his captain he only diverts the question and says his captain is wounded and he is the first mate. The trio notice some alarming tattoos on the man of a flame surrounding a bloody chain link. Roland reaches out and grabs the man by the neck to the surprise of Krockett and Greybeard. Sa’relka sees armed men appear on the other ships deck and he launches an arrow off into a man on their deck. Roland drags the man by his neck and tosses him overboard.
The other ship raises sail as one of their men is tossed in the waters. Greybeard shouts for all men on deck. The enemy ship heads straight for a crash course into the side of Greybeard’s ship. Sa’relka launches several more arrows before they collide, taking down several of the men huddled on that ship. All of Greybeard’s crew come rushing top deck and prepare for battle. The ships collide and some of the men are thrown to the ground. The pirates on the other ship come pouring from their ship onto the deck of Greybeard’s ship. A great battle ensues. Roland goes on a spree of neck breaking, Spewgore directs actions and spears folks, Sa’relka takes out many with his bowm as usual. Blood-Harvest gets in on the action after shaking off his severe seasickness, Go’brahl charges in beserker-style and hacks at men with is formidable halberd skills, Purelle rushes in after his employer rushes to saftey below deck and he shows off his superior swordsmanship mixed with arcane twists. Greybeard get into the action, showing his age has only made him better with a sword. A sniper from the crow’s nest rains arrows down upon the pirates from above. In the end, the battle is won. Even the man Roland threw overboard came creeping back into the fray and made an attempt at Roland but was shot down by Sa’relka. Several of Greybeard’s men perished but the ratio was much greater for the pirates. Sa’relka killed the last man on deck, much to the dismay of Purelle and Go’brahl who wanted to interrogate the man. The Groupe quickly assessed the aftermath as Greybeard assessed his losses. They notice the only things of great value are the cannons equipped to the deck, so they take a short rest and bandage their wounds…

Dimwit doorman and the Night of Terror
That's that skunk!
Welcome to Spidercrab Cove
What's that tumping sound?

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